When a customer was looking to find siding to match the beautiful cedar wood on his home but wanted to stay away from actual wood, he connected with Lou Rossi, the manager at the Georgetown's Bestex Roofing Solutions in Milford, CT. The Georgetown's Bestex Roofing Solutions branch has a longstanding Georgetown TX Roofing business relationship with Neil, which extends to their customers, who get a seat at the table with the top MFG in the United States for Siding and Royal Building Products.

Neil Pallella, the outside salesman, was assigned to the account and reached out to Mike Delaney, owner of NH Construction (hyperlink), who always has quality products on hand. His distributor, Steve Wood, suggested Cedar Renditions from Royal Building Products, and it checked all the boxes. The aluminum siding looks just like wood, but it’s moisture-proof, nonflammable, and virtually maintenance-free. With eight color choices to match any home, it will stand out with its durability and contemporary curb appeal.

The team needed one more product to complete the project: trim coils. The solution was Material from RBP and On-Custom Team Custom Fitted Drip Edge – for the aesthetic look. Royal Building Products aluminum trim coil gives contractors the ability to slit, contour, and install it to fit any Georgetown TX Roof building shape or home style. It comes in a range of thicknesses and a wide variety of colors to meet every customer’s needs. The contractors were able to customize this project by bending the trim cover to embellish the hard-to-protect areas on the house exterior to complement the traditional look of the home. The durable, low-maintenance properties of Royal Building Products allowed the team to create a trim for the top of the Georgetown TX Roof building and transition, to match the siding beautifully.

The men held several meetings to discuss the exterior color and material approach that would best fit the customer’s build. The trim coils arrived in two weeks and the rest of the supplies in five weeks. Mike was very happy with the entire process from materials to completion, and especially the outcome. The installation of the siding was similar to a regular siding install and the materials will need some upkeep and care for a good look.

Speaking with Steve Woods, a territory manager for Royal Building Products, he was excited about his company’s new product that is just coming to the United States from the manufacturer in Vaughan, Ontario. The design cladding has generated much excitement in the market. Steve is enthusiastic about the new exterior look Cedar Renditions can provide, saying it’s, “bringing aluminum siding back to life with a new spin on colors.” While the product is not promoted for entire homes, it can certainly achieve a certain and aesthetically-pleasing look for a second story or Georgetown TX Roof building accent.

Neil Pelella “I strive to serve and make sure the clients’ projects are completed in a timely manner and help grow their business. It’s our pleasure to feature this success and our partnership.”

Neil and his manager were able to step in and find the trim coils to complete the client’s vision From locating the perfect product to completion, Georgetown's Bestex Roofing Solutions employs people who have a passion for getting the customer what they need when they need it. Customers know they can trust Georgetown's Bestex Roofing Solutions, a decades-old, family-owned Georgetown TX Roofing business that is willing to open its distributor contact list to all customers to help them get the desired look. If you don’t see the products you’re looking for in the showroom, we’ll help you find the right product for every project. We don’t just want to see our contractors succeed, we’re ready to step in and make it happen.